Dear all,


The October 2nd 2014 was a great day in my life: I was graduate after a Master’s Degree in “International Trade & Management” at the ESCE (Business & Management School) in Paris, France.

This day marked the end of my student life and the beginning of a new adventure out of France: I made the decision to go to Australia for a year, to explore this country, its people, culture and landscapes, looking for some freedom.

This is what I called “My Hero’s Journey” in reference to George Campbell’s book.

However, after three years, I am still travelling… and I am not going to stop!

It is funny to see how plans can change a thousand times about travels, isn’t?!

This place will be the scene of interactions and expressions of interests related to the idea of adventure and a travel lifestyle such as travels, self-development, hiking, writing, meditation, social sciences, and many more…

I wish you a great visit in my world…

Frédéric Béranger


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