The “Light” Consumption

Because of obesity and massive junk food issues throughout the modern societies, households want to take care of their ways of consumption and to fight against unhealthy food. The « light » products (less amount of carbohydrates and lipids than usually) appeared in 1964 but their consumption is considerably increasing since the 1990 and is knowing a significant success. The paradox is the consumption of this type of product is not going to improve neither health nor wellness.

Indeed, some studies in Europe and USA have shown that « light » products can be harmful for human beings. First, some components like aspartame would hurt the brain cells and be carcinogenic. In addition, this kind of products speeds up the gain of weight.

Finally, the strategies based on an abundance of commercials through TV and Internet are still very strong. Multinational companies, advertising agencies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and groups of lobby make people believe that what they eat and drink is healthy, and there is no danger.

I let you read and watch these attached articles and videos to understand more about this topic. Of course, it is deeply linked to other big problems like the toxicity of foodstuffs, pesticides, GMOs, which will feed possibly another debate and other questions…

L’aspartame, un édulcorant cancérigène ?
Produits lights et aspartame : danger !
Aliments allégés


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