Inspirational Testimonies

Know Your Limitations

Here several significant testimonies that I am used to watch and which positively influence my daily life to reach my personal objectives.

The first one is a short extract of a conference hosted by Nick Vujicic, a great Australian and motivational speaker. The second one is a montage with the speech of Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer in the world during the 70’s, called « How great I am », and a scene from Rocky VI with Sylvester Stallone. Then, through this advertising, it is interesting to see how Levi’s conveys a message of hope for young people. Moreover, this Canadian speaker wants to make us think about the paradoxes and the absurdities of modern societies. In addition, another video illustrates through famous examples how failure can be the origin of any success. Last but not least, the striking testimony of Alan Watts, underlined by the great music of Ludovico Einaudi, puts the emphasis on the importance for each individual to follow one’s passion and to not to live for making money.

Thus, each one of them make me feel serene and strong. It is always such a pleasure and I never get the impression of wasting my time. So, I hope you will enjoy watching them as I do.


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