The Conspiracy Theory Of The Spatial Conquest

Spatial Conquest

Here an investigation made by some specialists having doubts about the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969 and the land on the Moon, organized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Indeed, they are convinced that it has been pretended. They explain their theories…

Moreover, in this second report we understand the historical context and the real economic and political stakes of the race to the Moon between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). We discover how Richard Nixon organized this program and behaved himself about this international event. He even commanded to shot the first steps on the Moon in a studio…

However, this incredible documentary is in actual fact a fiction and a masquerade. It shows how images can mislead viewers, how they can lie and how it can be easy to manipulate the people’s thought.

Finally, concerning the famous land on the Moon, some vestiges of landing have been found. The Japanese satellite LRO photographed the tracks of the numerous travels of Apollo. Therefore, it becomes difficult at present to still develop a conspiracy theory…

Apollo 11 : Lune, mensonges et cinéma
Les vestiges des missions Apollo photographiés par la sonde LRO

The Origin Of AIDS


The documentary declares the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) appeared in 1959 during a vaccination’s policy in Congo at Léopoldville, which is the previous old capital city of Belgian Congo. Today, it is Kinshasa. Since the 30’s, the poliomyelitis kills above all children, many american people have received the vaccine against this viral disease which can provoke a paralysis of the whole body. Famous scientists like Jonas Salk, Albert Sabin and Hilary Koprowski needed a more significant volume of population to make tests. It was the race for the fight against the poliomyelitis. Hilary Koprowski decided to come to Africa. His experimental vaccine was manufactured with monkey organs  Then, it was infected because of the use of chimpanzee’s cells which were not reliable. It created a new virus which became responsible for the AIDS.

Moreover, the scientist Nobel prize, Luc Montagnier, thinks it is possible to fight against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and to get rid of it (reducing the epidemic) by measures which could naturally reinforce the immune system like food and nutrition advice, education about hygiene, proper antioxidants, wrestle with the infections.

Finally, according to Etienne De Harven, Harvard microbiologist Dr., the HIV would not come from the sexual relations. According to Robert Root-Bernstein, professor of physiology at the Michigan State University, and the Japanese doctor, Y. Shiokawa, the main factors responsible for the infection of the HIV would be in actual fact the malnutrition, the use of drugs and multiple concomitant diseases.

Définition du Sida
What is HIV?

Le paradoxe des prostituées
Biography of Jonas Salk
Biography of Albert Sabin
Biography of Hilary Koprowski

Main Pioneers Of Economic History & Their Theories


I was reading my old courses of economics when I decided to do a synthesis of the main theories created by famous precursors of economic history like Adam Smith (1723-1790), David Ricardo (1772-1823), Karl Marx (1818-1883), John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) and Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950).

I tried to make accessible and understandable the explanations of these theories. Of course, we know some of them worked or are working in the current societies and others are only used to reassess specific concepts and economic certitude.

Principaux penseurs de l’histoire économique et leurs théories
Biographie d’Adam Smith
Biographie de David Ricardo
Biographie de Karl Marx
Biographie de John Maynard Keynes
Biographie de Joseph Schumpeter

The Theory Of Relativity


Last week, a friend of mine (Yannick Gouttenoire – a 2nd year student in Master’s Degree « Psychology of cooperative work » at the University 2 & École Centrale Lyon) told me to listen to a particular radio broadcast dealing with the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

First, I did some researches about this famous German physicist and his discoveries. I found a clearly explained documentary made by Arte concerning the three discoveries of Albert Einstein about this theory:

1. The light has always the same speed and nothing is fastest than the speed of the light.

2. The dilatation of time. The movement of a body provokes a slowing down of time.

3. More a body is moving, more its mass is increasing (E=mc²).

However, according to American and British investigations, Albert Einstein would haven’t found out these theories. Indeed, he would have plagiarized the work of Henri Poincaré (1854-1912), a famous French scientist during the 19th century.

Finally, the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS in French) describes the numerous studies of Albert Einstein and Henri Poincaré in parallel. This short report illustrates that both characters worked on different concepts and had different visions like the « principle of relativity » or the « electromagnetic theory » for example. Yet, it is interesting to see their distinct points of view led them to the same results and conclusions…

Théorie de la relativité
L’escroc Einstein voleur des travaux de Poincaré sur la relativité
Einstein et Poincaré, une affaire de principes
Biographie d’Albert Einstein
Biographie d’Henri Poincaré

China & Contradictions

Chinese Flag

In this topic, I decided to gather relevant sources of information about Chinese historical events and several essential characters, the economic system of China and the changes this country is facing in this 21st century.

Jean-Luc Domenach explains in a short conference how well understand the Chinese economy and the changes it is facing nowadays through different factors like the demographic aspect and the sociology of its population, the immensity and fragmentation of its territory, the strong identity based on the language and morals (Confucianism), the differences of cultural traits, customs and dialects. In addition, he is talking also about the Chinese history with the Opium War (1839-1901), some nationalist dictatorships and the conflicts with Japan… Moreover, the speaker mentions Mao Zedong (1893-1976) and Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997) who are the most famous political characters of China during the 19th and 20th centuries… Then, the orator is describing the advantages and drawbacks of China. It is important to know that health care, housing and education remain really significant issues. Lastly, Jean-Luc Domenach is bringing up how the economical assets of China are limiting its current growth based on cheap production and massive exportation toward Europe and the United States.

However, to fight against this main issue, China is setting up paradoxical policies: the encouragement of national demand by protectionism and the development of partnerships with African countries through strategies of free trade in building, wood and fishing industries. Therefore, the Chinese economy is full of ambiguity through these two trends…

The Belgian documentary deals with the impact of Chinese investments on African countries. These new geopolitical relationships are continually increasing and reinforcing for the profit of Chinese companies and some African areas. Indeed, African governments are looking for financial investments whereas the Chinese investors are looking for raw materials representing a significant strategic stake. However, this new phenomenon of implantation is also responsible of pauperization toward African workers and local population.

L’économie chinoise aujourd’hui : faut-il en avoir peur ?
Chine et Confucianisme – Partie 1
Chine et Confucianisme – Partie 2
L’Angleterre : commerce et guerre de l’opium en Chine (1830-1842)
Les origines de l’opium en Chine
Mao Zedong’s biography
Deng Xiaoping’s legacy
Protectionnisme – La transition du modèle économique chinois sera-t-elle favorable au commerce international ?
La Chine va limiter les investissements étrangers dans l’automobile
L’Asie, libre-échangiste dehors et protecionnistes dedans


After doing a semester in an American university close to Pittsburgh from January to April 2012, I visited San Francisco for a couple of days. I could not miss the famous international jail, Alcatraz…. So, I visited it and I understood how this small society was organized and worked. Moreover, I was really impressed by the atmosphere of this place and the storytelling of inmates and correctional officers. For example, some prisoners had to stay for a while in the « Hole » (a totally closed cell without any natural light). I heard a prisoner threw the button of his shirt on the ground and tried to find it in the dark to keep himself busy. He could do it for hours. Some of them became completely mad!

In 1850, after being the property of the Mexican government, the Fort Alcatraz was attached to the USA to become a militar reserve for the American army. In 1934, the island was changed in a prison, dedicated to the most dangerous criminals and gangsters of the world such as Al Capone. Indeed, a sentence caught my attention: « Break the rules and you go to prison, break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz. »

It is a place with a great history, with its escapes inspiring a lot of film directors. Thus, some famous movies were shot like Escape from Alcatraz made in 1979 by Don Siegel, Murder in the First in 1995 by Marc Rocco, The Rock made in 1996 by Michael Bay or Shutter Island by Martin Scorsese in 2010.

I let you read and watch these additional links if you want to find out more about this incredible place and all its mysteries…

History of Alcatraz
La véritable histoire de l’évadé d’Alcatraz

The Ostentatious Consumption

Here, a dissertation made by two classmates and I about the study of consumer’s behavior and the superficial consumption.

So, we organized a plan in two main parts. First, we present a precise definition and a specific explanation based on a sociological and philosophical analysis. Then, we talk about the evolution and describe the effects on our society, nowadays…

There are only 32 pages to read. Take your time to do it. You will find a quite good general analysis of this subject, with a clear plan and original appendices. We received for this work a grade with the highest honor.

The Ostentatious Consumption