The Damages Of Television

First, this is a very pertinent and well structured conference which deals with the damages of television on people and especially children. This testimony, based on numerous scientific researches, underlines the negative impacts like the destruction of intelligence, language, expression and basic functioning of the thought. In addition, the speaker talks about neuromarketing. It is the combination of neurosciences and marketing policies to understand how the systems of brain and behavior can be influenced in order to foster the consumption. To keep in mind a specific information, the brain must be available to receive information. The role of TV shows is to make it available for commercials made by big companies. So, like you will see in this first video, we realize that TV is neither an ethical nor a cultural area. TV networks are mainly, or even exclusively, a commercial area.

You could watch the second documentary dealing with the evolution of TV shows, the increase of profit by multiple manipulation’s strategies like exposing the private life of individuals, violence, voyeurism, humiliation, lack of urge’s control and domination by the other. The reality TV shows have been an incredible source of profit. They are able to attract the attention of audience and save the financial interests of companies in the United States, in Europe and France like TF1 and M6.

Lastly, I share with you an investigation concerning the birth of telereality shows in the 90s in whole Europe and their evolution in numerous generations. However, this revolutionary and scandalous business has always kept the same purpose of making profit by the manipulation of emotions, the intrusion in the private life of individuals, the creation of conflicts between people, depression and even suicides.